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Our Supplies

Leading Indian Brand serving agriculture with Hydroponics System, Nutrients, Aquaponic, edible and Medicinal Mushroom Spawn.

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Total Hydroponics

Innovative All Purpose hydroponics Premix that suit every stage of plants growth(vegetation, Flowering, Fruiting).

Potting Mix

Innovative products used as supporting substrate for Hydroponics, Auqaponics and Seed germination.

Natural Manure

VR INTERNATIONAL is leading supplier of organic and natural manure for all type of crop, fruits and vegetable.

Terrarium Mix

VR INTERNATIONAL offer an essential mixture for terrarium plantlets, made up with Coco Peat, Vermiculite and Perlite.

Total - CHAR

VR INTERNATIONAL offers High Quality Activated Charcoal for Horticulture Use. Excellent for Terrarium.

Plant Nutrients

VR International's products are formulated with high quality compounds, to fulfill Plant's requirements of micro nutrients.

Making Hydroponics Easy

With the years of experience we offers simplified and easy to use nutritional and growth media range for hydroponics cultivators.

Made in India supplied to world

Understanding And Applied Hydroponics Techniques VR INTERNATIONAL being a one stop solution for many  indoor and hobby gardeners as well as those who are planning commercial ventures with less investment with efficient water uses .

With Innovation

Our Innovative products range include All purpose Nutrient Premix that suits all plant growth stages such as Vegetation, Flowering and Fruiting. The pre mix suit almost all type of system such as NFT, Dutch Bucket, Drip, Flood and drain system.  Hydroponics Potting Mix is  another innovative products used as supporting substrate for hydroponics. 

System And Service

We offer hydroponics system for commercial and kitchen garden cultivation. VRI provide end to end solution for different type of system such as NFT, DWC and Wall mounted Vertical system in lowest  cost. With the understanding of system we also offers customized system as per buyers need. 



Our Product Range includes Activated Charcoal for Terrarium, Aquarium & Horticulture, Hydroponics Nutrient Mix, S.T.E.M.(Soluble Trace Element Mixture) S.T.E.M. for Aqua Plants, elemental micro-nutrients Epsom Salt, Terrarium Potting Mix, Vermiculite, Perlite and Exotic Vegetable Seeds suits for Hydroponics and lot more...

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