Our Supplies

Our Supplies

VR INTERNATIONAL offers best quality of terrarium supplies to creating an ideal environment for growing plants and preventing the plants from the coming over dry. Supplies suits a range of plants that are designated or terrarium like succulents, cactus, Fern, Zed and other spider plant.

Terrarium Mix

VR INTERNATIONAL offer an essential mixture for terrarium plantlets, made up with Coco Peat, Vermiculite and Perlite.It retain huge amount of moisture for longer time. It maintains Neutral PH level and provides Aeration. Improving water drainage system and allows for young seedlings to emerge freely.

Total – Char

VR INTERNATIONAL offers Activated Charcoal for terrarium use to enhance drainage and water holding capacity. It absorbing water and releasing back to plants when they require it. Enhance Terrarium through moisture and odor control, pulls toxins and bacteria from soil and water and deodorizes the terrarium. Encourage root growth and store carbon in to soil.


VR INTERNATIONAL supplies perlite for Terrarium use.Perlitre is used in soil mixes including soilless mediums to improve aeration and modify the soil substructure, keeping it loose, well-draining and defying compaction. It is used by mixing it with terrarium soil at different rates according to the kind of soil. Helps plants thrive and improves soil structure, keeping it workable for a long period. This mineral will produce healthier plants that require less labor and watering


Vermiculite is a natural mineral that is often placed in potting soil to enhance a plant's growth by boosting aeration while encouraging water drainage. This mineral is non-toxic and completely clean. It is also permanent and sterile, which means that it will not become moldy, rot, or deteriorate.



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